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A Note from the Dental Business Mentor—
The problems I have experienced myself are where I started my journey. The issues and the pain points I had to deal with on my own made me want to share and write my book and run courses to help other dentists on their journey—not to push them in the direction I went but to help them on their road, their path.

Everyone is different; everyone has different goals in life and their destinations are never the same. But one thing is true—all the hundreds of dentists I have helped, talked to, taught, guided, and coached—their fears are all the same.

Fear is fear. It doesn’t matter what causes that sensation that can cripple you or drive you forward. What matters is how you harness that fear. It can be your worst enemy or your best friend. So how do you make it your best friend?

The answer is simple: knowledge. Knowledge is power, the power that will help you use your fear to build something magnificent. It will help you build your dream.

That knowledge can be found in so many different places. It can be in a book, online, or in a course.

the mission

My mission as the Dental Business Mentor is to share knowledge, to support you on your journey.

I have an endless network of contacts: marketers, lawyers, CQC advisers, HR consultants, accountants—all professionals that you can trust.

Sometimes all you need to know is you are doing well. If you want to go one step further and learn about marketing and advertising then my marketing course may be for you.

Learn how to run a successful business and create a 5-star patient experience. Learn the operating systems that automate your customer journey. I will teach you the pitfalls to avoid and the golden nuggets of squat development such as how to find the perfect location and the perfect property.

As for me, I am here to bounce ideas off of or we can go the distance and create the business together.

I look forward to hearing from you. I find it so exciting to discuss other people’s plans and dreams. Takes me back to the days when I started out. Makes me wish I was 18 again. But for now I will leave you with my line, I have to say it, it is almost like a whisper to me: all this stuff, all this business of dentistry—it ain’t rocket science!

- Dr Grant McAree
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Is dentistry getting you down? Is the profession you have chosen or the path you are travelling having an impact on your mental health? Do you look at your competitors and wonder how they do so well?

In this book, Grant shares his perspectives and programmes in a practical and accessible way. He offers everything you need to make a success of your dental practice and reclaim your life.

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