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At the heart of Dental Business Mentor’s core philosophy is Grant’s firm motivation to Share Everything™ he knows about building and running a successful dental business; and inspiring and helping dental entrepreneurs through his own tales of the trade with utmost transparency.

Specifically designed to achieve this goal are Grant's signature courses—

Dental Business & Marketing Course

"It ain’t rocket science!"—
Join me for a masterclass and learn everything I know in 1 day.

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Squat Practice Course

Learn from someone with real experience and locate, build and develop a successful squat practice of your own.

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Full Support Programme

The Full Support Programme is a 12-month advisory service. Dr Grant McAree is here to support you through the ups and downs of opening a squat practice or developing your existing business.

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See what all the fuss is about

Working with Grant has been a complete eye-opener. His guidance and advice have taken our practice to the next level, making us more profitable than ever.

Now all this advice is in a book—it's a no-brainer for any principal or manager!

Dr Amir Arif

There are a few hidden gems in dentistry and Grant is certainly one of them. I am happy that our paths have crossed and wish I had met him in 2010 when I first became a Principal.

His passion and enthusiasm is second to none and he has helped me tremendously to focus on the business of dentistry, patient enquiries, capturing and nurturing leads through his innovative bot and CRM platform.

He has already helped me focus on systems and although it is a slow and steady journey, his gems have given me a 100% return on my investment. Long may our relationship continue!

Dr Mohsin Uddin

Grant has been a brilliant guide from the moment we started working together.

From his absolutely invaluable help in defining my USP to giving tips on anything—from team training and website design to social media advertising and patient acquisition (and much, much more!)—his advice has been amazing. All his tips stem from extensive personal experience in building multiple successful practices and are therefore immensely usable.

Witty, always funny and with deep insight into people's psychology and the whole business of dentistry, he is a treasure trove of fabulous information. I cannot wait to read his book!

Dr Stephanie Erika Kerk
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It Ain't Rocket Science: The Stress-Free Blueprint to a Multi-Million Pound Dental Practice

Is dentistry getting you down? Is the profession you have chosen or the path you are travelling having an impact on your mental health? Do you look at your competitors and wonder how they do so well?

In this book, Grant shares his perspectives and programmes in a practical and accessible way. He offers everything you need to make a success of your dental practice and reclaim your life.

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From podcasts to featured articles; browse through insights from Grant on dentistry and more.

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